The least trusted entity for consumers is government: kpmg

The least trusted entity for consumers is government: kpmg

Mumbai: (PTI) Private companies has won the trust of consumers on sharing individual data more than the government. Banking and Tech companies are the most trusted entities with 75% votes each. KPMG did the survey.

Data safety matters

Definitely the data safety matters when it comes to share personal data. With 75% votes banking & tech companies are at top while Wealth management and power & utility firms are at second position with 62% votes each. So far as government is concerned, at 51% it was the least trusted entity for consumers, as per the survey.

Me, my life, my wallet

KPMG survey ‘me, my life, my wallet’ 3000 people in the country voted to reach this conclusion. The survey comes at the time when the Supreme court has barred private service providers from demanding aadhaar, citing risks to their privacy and security.

Globally, 31% consumers don’t trust any one with their mobile data, while in India it is 10%. The survey, however, also noted that 47% consumers are very anxious about unauthorized tracking of their online habits, while in India it is 52%.

Company’s research demonstrates that organisations should be aware of the heightened awareness people have about the value of their data. they want to feel that they are in control at every stage of the business relationship.

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The survey of around 25,000 consumers in eight countries, including around 3,000 in India.

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